November 1st, 1998
Vendôme International
To Sell Jewelry From Paris

New York - A new company, Vendôme International, was recently formed to market and distribute jewelry from the heralded jewelry manufacturers of Paris' Place Vendôme and Rue de la Paix.

The target market is U.S. jewelry retailers interested in high-end French jewelry. The company was formed by Jeff Politis, who was formerly with Christie's International, Louis Glick Diamond Corp. and Paris' Watine-Arnault Auctioneers. Ed Beren of Beren Consulting Group, New York, will market the brands for Vendôme International.

"We are planning to target a very selective network of retailers of high-end products," said Politis. " From my experience with these retailers over the past several years, I am convinced they will be very receptive to new designers, new European brands."

Contact the company at 212-647-8419.


JP Vendôme Presents New Choices for High-End Jewelers

Hand-Made Pieces from Leading Supplier to Parisian Jewelry Houses

New York - This month, JP Vendôme, will introduce a selection of fine, hand-made jewels from Ateliers Mathon of Paris, France to a select network of American retailers. The company ñ formerly known as Vendôme International - was formed last year with the objective of marketing a unique assortment of fine jewels from the venerable jewelry houses on Paris famous Place Vendôme and Rue de la Paix, and distributing them to specialty retailers of luxury goods.

The Mathon collection, which will be the debut for JP Vendôme in North America, was carefully selected by Jeff Politis, founder of JP Vendôme as well as a jewelry industry expert and former estate jewelry company owner. Politis chose the Mathon assortment because of "the great attention to detail and fine workmanship apparent in each and every jewel." He continued his praise of the historic Parisian jewelry workshop: "Even though the overall style of the [Mathon] jewelry is classic, each design has a modern and new feel to it.

[They display] fantastic creativity, very different from what can be found in the U.S. market today." The assortment chosen for the U.S. consists of 45 pieces, frequently using such precious materials as chalcedony, mother-of-pearl, onyx and lapis, and only the precious metals 18-karat white and yellow gold, and platinum (suggested retail prices begin at 3,500 USD).

Ateliers Mathon was founded in 1931 as a small family workshop in the heart of Paris in the District of Palais Royal, near the Louvre, which used to be the King's Palace before Versailles was built. They manufactured exquisite hand-made pieces for the venerable jewelry houses on Parisís famed Place Vendôme and Rue de la Paix. Today, Mathon exports to Switzerland, England, Germany, Japan and countries in the Middle East.

Politis said his plan for the Mathon jewels in this country - created in conjunction with upscale products marketing consultant Ed Beren of The Beren Consulting Group - will be a "slow and careful distribution strategy by targeting a small number of exclusive, high-end retailers around the nation."

JP Vendôme can be reached at 212-647-8419.