Vendôme International is the solution for leading French jewelers interested in capitalizing on the American market. The company is a team of expert individuals with extensive resources and backgrounds whose mission is to be pioneer and leader in its field.
Vendôme International offers high-end French companies the opportunity to penetrate the American market at a considerably lower cost than what it would cost if they were to do it themselves. Vendôme coordinates all marketing efforts necessary to sell the jewelry at a selective network of high-end retailers - from warehousing to shipping, sales training to budgeting, and marketing to in-store merchandising.
Vendôme International will build each select French brand in the appropriate segment of the market by educating the American retailer about the history of French jewelry, the design and manufacturing process. In other words, Vendôme International will communicate all the reasons why, still today, French jewelry is considered to be the most prestigious in the world in terms of brand, quality and design.
Upscale retailers in America are looking for new and different sources of luxury merchandise to fulfill consumer demand and differentiate themselves from others. Vendôme International is the answer.