The creator and president of Vendôme International is Joseph ("Jeff") Politis, who has a solid background in the marketing and sale of luxury merchandise both in France and The United States. Jeff Politis has been affiliated with such prestigious organizations as Christie's New York, Louis Glick Diamond Corporation and Watine-Arnault Auctioneers. In addition, Jeff Politis founded and ran his own estate jewelry company for several years.

A well-traveled businessman and lover of fine French jewelry and creative designers, Jeff Politis conceived of Vendôme International in 1997 after thorough research and relationships with leading luxury retailers proved to him that the US market is an extremely viable one for prestigious French jewels. The US economy is strong, disposable income is at a high, and US jewelers and their customers are extremely receptive to new and different brands ("... popular with [U.S.] consumers are pieces that either are or can be perceived as 'different'." National Jeweler, May 16, 1998)

In addition, Jeff Politis knew of many prestigious French jewelry houses from the revered Place Vendôme and Rue de la Paix in Paris who were not presently represented in the US. His sole aim in forming Vendôme International was to give these companies the opportunity to compete in the US market without the high cost and complexities of doing it themselves.

Jeff Politis joined forces with marketing and retail expert Ed Beren of The Beren Group to hone Vendôme's marketing strategies. Mr. Beren is a 25-year veteran of marketing and sales to U.S. consumer products retailers. Vendôme is privy to The Beren Group's extensive resources and expertise.